Academy Courses

Fundamental Foiling

This course delivers a core understanding of foiling techniques. Fundamental Foiling will provide you with different foiling methods & a real understanding of placement & effect.

Blowdry & Finishing Masterclass

This course focusses on the essential Blowdry & Finishing techniques necessary for salon & stylist growth & client retention. This course will give you the confidence to achieve the perfect Blowdry & Finish.

Classic Cutting

This course focusses on the fundamental classic techniques necessary for a successful career. With a true understanding of these cutting techniques, your work will become more precise & have a positive effect on your creative work.

The Art of Dressing Hair

This course will teach you how to style & dress hair of all lengths for special events, from classical elegant bridal to on trend inspirational prom hair. You will be given the tools to create styles only limited by your imagination.